The advantages of a holiday in a seaside resort in Marina di Camerota

A step away from the most beautiful beaches of the Cilento Coast

Having chosen a seaside resort in Marina di Camerota directly on the sea has the undoubted advantage of having at your fingertips anything you want.

In our case, the beach is just a few steps away. You can see the sea from your cottage. And as you get closer, you discover that Cala d’Arconte is truly a breathtaking spectacle. Beautiful to see and experience.

Fine sand, pristine water, luscious green and cliffs hanging over the sea create strong suggestions. You feel as if you would want to stay there forever. But since you have a few more days available, why not take the time to discover the other beaches of Cilento?

Going towards Capo Palinuro, for example, you can’t help  remaining enraptured in front of the Natural Arch, a real window onto the sea. In the vicinity of Palinuro still, we also find the Bay of Good Sleeping.

South of Marina di Camerota, beaches and postcard views rule over everything. Just to give a couple of examples, there are the Lentiscelle and Pozzallo beaches which attract lovers of nature and sea with crystal clear waters.

Continuing along this journey, if you wish, you can reach the northern end of the Gulf of Policastro, with its Cala degli Infreschi, in the homonymous Marine Nature Reserve.

And if you are looking for more, just go beyond Capo Palinuro: locations like Ascea and Acciaroli are among the most popular among tourists who choose Cilento for their beach holidays.

And this is where a whole new chapter opens. Because, in addition to enjoying the magnificent beaches, in this area you can take short trips that go beyond tanning excursions.

How not to stop, for example, in one of Italy’s best historic hamlets? Castellabate is an authentic jewel in the Vallo della Lucania district, located in the Cilento National Park.

If, instead, a holiday rhymes with culture, go north of AgropoliPaestum and its archaeological area deserve a visit without a doubt.

adminThe advantages of a holiday in a seaside resort in Marina di Camerota