Dream holidays? Choose the seaside resort of Marina di Camerota

Discovering the beach of Cala d’Arconte and surroundings

If your attention has been captured by resort La Fenosa, there is a reason: you are looking for a seaside holiday village in Marina di Camerota.

Not just any sea. But the sea that skirts the shores of Cala d’Arconte, one of the most beautiful and evocative beaches of the Cilento Coast. This is where our private beach is. Your beach.

The sand is golden, the water is clean. Even the seabed is sandy. With its clear waters, it offers a unique show to snorkelers.

But beauty dominates the scene even outside the water. Cliffs overhanging the sea seem to protect and hug you while you sunbathe. And it is nice to gaze at brushstrokes of the green from olive trees or maritime pines that abound in the area.

A simply unique scenario, one offered by one of the most typical seaside villages of Marina di Camerota.

But, there is much to see also in the surrounding areas. The famous Natural Arch of Palinuro is really close. Seeing it “live” is another story. But even a selfie will make the idea when you share with your friends the unforgettable days Cilento gives you.

The Palinuro Caves

The clear waters that skirt the Cilento Coast also inspire boat trips. Organize one yourself.

Let your loved ones or friends with whom you have chosen to spend your holidays discover the enchanting caves of Capo Palinuro, and especially the Blue Grotto, which has nothing to envy to the famous grottos on the island of Capri.

Equally exciting are the Grotta dei Monaci (which takes its name from its stalactites and stalagmites), the Grotta del Sangue (so called because of the particular color of its walls) and the Grotta Sulfurea (or Cala Fetente, which features hydrothermal phenomena).

Also by boat, you can photograph the famous Scoglio del Coniglio or stop at Baia del Buon Dormire, so as not to lose the habit of diving into the wonderful waters that skirt the Cilento Coast.

On the opposite side, the Marine Protected Area of Costa degli Infreschi deserves a visit, which opens its doors to the magnificent Golfo of Policastro and Sapri (on the border with Basilicata), another typical seaside resorts of the province of Salerno.

adminDream holidays? Choose the seaside resort of Marina di Camerota