Cilento National Park

Holidays in the name of nature, history and flavors

Whether you choose to spend your holidays by the sea in Palinuro, or decide to stay in one of the resorts of Marina di Camerota, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Cilento National Park.

Of course, even from our seaside resort in Marina di Camerotayou can reach the hinterland and discover the naturalistic, historical and environmental treasures of the province of Salerno.

From Agropoli to Vallo della Lucania, from Castellabate (one of the Italy’s “most beautiful historic hamlets”) to Paestum, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

In addition to excursions immersed in nature – to be enjoyed on foot, by bike or on horseback – you can also choose among the many cultural proposals of destinations located inside the Cilento Park.

For example, visiting the archaeological areas of Paestum, Elea-Velia or the famous Certosa di Padula, means having the opportunity to admire works that UNESCO has included in the exclusive “World Heritage Site” roster. And in Padula, you can also visit the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Western Lucania.

The medieval villages perched on the mountains are also interesting. Finding ecomuseums or exhibitions dedicated to local traditions is anything but infrequent. At the same time, these ancient villages offer the opportunity to discover the most authentic flavors that not all Cilento restaurants offer.


Needless to say, uncontaminated nature that dominates the scene everywhere. And, to awaken the desire to organize an excursion. Among the most suggestive corners, the WWF Oasis of Morigerati deserves to be mentioned.

This area, where the karst river Bussento rises from the ground, looks like a fairytale made up of streams, caves, waterfalls and an ancient mill.

And who knows that during an excursion – perhaps close to the Cervati or Alburni mountains – you may not have a close encounter with fauna of the Cilento National Park. There are hundreds of species in the park area. From deer to wolves, from wild boar to otters, from dormice to martens.

Even birdwatchers find here what they like most. Among the birds of prey inhabiting the park we find, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, eagle owl, kite and goshawk. There are also other interesting birds, like kingfisher, dipper and very rare Corsican seagull.

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