The most beautiful Cilento beaches near Marina di Camerota and Capo Palinuro

If you are looking for some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, you’re in the right place: the Cilento Coast is among the most interesting in Italy.

The luxuriant nature of the Cilento National Park and the warm and transparent waters are elements that not everyone can boast.

You breathe pristine air, you dive into a pristine sea.

But which are the most interesting beaches of this area?

Cala d’Arconte

Let’s start with the one that the guests of La Fenosa find immediately before their eyes. From the hill, the gaze falls on beautiful “Cala D’Arconte”, a strip of white sand set among cliffs overlooking the sea.

You just have to look at this beach to remind yourself why you chose to spend a beach holiday in Marina di Camerota.

Our guests can enjoy the privilege of spending their holidays in a place suspended between myth and dream, in a simply unique natural setting.

But if you want to discover other beauties of the Cilento Coast, then you can organize to spend one or more days discovering them. You can get there by sea, perhaps by booking a boat trip.

Or, you can get in the car, take off and pitch a tent – pardon, a beach umbrella – wherever you want.

Lentiscelle beach

To the south of the town of Marina di Camerota, for example,  Lentiscelle beach definitely deserves a visit.

Easy to get to, it’s almost all sandy. It is considered an ideal destination for families, but also for snorkeling enthusiasts, to be practiced strictly close to the cliff.

Its crystal-clear waters allow you identifying fish of all kinds very easily.

This location is also interesting from a historical point of view. La Grotta della Cala, for instance, is considered of great interest by Prehistory scholars. Torre dello Zancale recalls the invasions by Saracens.

Pozzallo beach

Continuing the journey through the most beautiful beaches of Cilento, a stop at Pozzallo is a must.

Easier to reach by boat, a little less by traditional means, it stands as a triumph of nature. And it is perhaps its challenging accessibility that enables the preservation of such beauty.

The beaches are mostly made up of sand and pebbles, its coves are inviting. If you love snorkeling, there is nothing better than diving into Cave of Pozzallo: you will be “greeted” by starfish and an incredible variety of fish.

La spiaggia del Troncone

Not far from the village, the Troncone beach is also popular.

Also in this case, the view is worthy of a postcard. Very popular with naturists, this beach is synonymous with relaxation.

It is peaceful, devoid of those beaches where much is played all day long. Overall, the sea is beautiful and the beach is fabulous.

You can choose a beach as a reference point, or look for a stretch of public beach. The Troncone beach is chosen above all by those who love sunbathing in absolute freedom.

Cala Bianca

Continuing the journey to discover the beaches of this corner of Cilento (proceeding south of Marina di Camerota), you can not skip a stop at Cala Bianca.

It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. It is not easy to reach.

But extra effort pays off with the spectacle that presents itself before your eyes: a true oasis of peace and beauty, blessed by crystal clear waters.

No despair for the lazy ones: they can always organize themselves and get there by boat in this magnificent bay.

Cala degli Infreschi

Another noteworthy beach is located east of Marina di Camerota. It is the Cala degli Infreschi, the bay at the northern end of the Gulf of Policastro.

Even in this case, it is nice to get there by boat: in addition to avoiding paths (not always easy to walk), you can enjoy a wonderful panorama.

It is not by chance that we find ourselves in a protected marine nature reserve. The caves are also beautiful (both under and above water) and of great archaeological interest because of the presence of traces of men who inhabited these places in prehistoric times.

The great beauty of the Cilento coast does not end here naturally. If you proceed in the opposite direction (always starting from our village), namely, towards Palinuro, you will immediately come across one of the biggest attractions of the area, a real gift given by Mother Nature to those lucky enough to live or visit these places.

The Palinuro Natural Arch

We are referring to the Natural Arch. It looks like the window of a giant’s house, that overlooks the sea watching over the many tourists that take the beach by storm in the summer. And it’s even better to admire it if you arrive by boat.

The wide and sandy beach deserves mentioning. Waters, needless to say, are clean and crystal clear. If you are in the mood for excursions, you can reach the Saracen Tower and enjoy the view. While the most athletic guests can enjoy climbing on the cliffs.

Bay of Good Sleeping

In the vicinity of Palinuro, we also find the Bay of Good Sleeping. Beauty of beaches aside, there are caves to attract attention.

One of the most popular is the Blue Grotto (like that of Capri). Grotta del Sangue (reddish rocks give this particular color to waters), Grotta Sulfurea and Grotta dei Monaci are equally interesting.

Capo Palinuro

Even in the area of ​​Capo Palinuro beaches, inlets and rocks overlooking the sea make the landscape unique. And there are also other beaches.

Those who choose to spend their holidays in Palinuro or in Marina di Camerota, will have the opportunity to see that in these areas you will be spoiled for choice.

The particular shape of the territory in different areas has discouraged human settlements. This has allowed preserving intact the great beauty of the Cilento Coast.

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