Discovering the treasures of the Cilento National Park

Those who choose the Cilento coast for their holidays by the sea, do so because they can catch the proverbial two birds with one stone.

In addition to the days to spend on the beach, you have the opportunity to enjoy excursions inland. This location offers the ideal opportunity to discover nature, history and – why not? – the genuine flavors of this land.

Yes: from our village, the National Park of Cilento is definitely within reach.

The Cilento Park is a UNESCO heritage site

We speak of a reality that, thanks to the presence of some archaeological sites (Paestum, above all) is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as a Biosphere Reserve.

The territory is harsh and wild: gray rocks contrasts with green woods. Depending on the area, the so-called Flysch (Alento river) or karst rocks of the inland areas (Alburni mountains) dominate the scene.

The Park – which covers an area of ​​over 180 thousand hectares – has much to offer visitors, from every point of view.

Hiking, horseback rides or mountain biking

There is plenty to choose from, for classic excursions along the paths dedicated to lovers of trekking, horses and mountain biking: ideas, itineraries and organized excursions are offered in abundance by institutions, associations and operators in the tourism sector.

Once at your destination, you can have all the necessary information and discover the different proposals, some of which are really interesting.

WWF Morigerati Oasis

For example, many guides recommend a trip to the WWF Oasis, in the municipality of Morigerati. Visitors are offered a fascinating journey though a canyon, with an itinerary that winds between springs and streams, waterfalls and caves. In one of the Bussento, a karst river, is “reborn”. The presence of an old mill completes the pastoral picture.

No less impressive are the Capelli di Venere waterfalls, in the municipality of Casaletto Spartano. The Gole del Calore caves, the Capo Palinuro (Municipality of Centola) or Castecivita and Sant’Angelo a Fasanella (inside Grotta dell’Angelo caves – which housed a Benedictine community – it is still possible to admire a rock church) are also of considerable interest.

But the Cilento Park offers much more than just natural spectacular views. Beyond flora (and fauna: wolves, deer and otters are just some of the species to be admired), the Park features many treasures to admire.

From Magna Grecia of Paestum to the Certosa of Padula

Those who love history, can not miss the archaeological site of Paestum (Capaccio), or that of Elea-Velia (Ascea), “custodians” of the splendor of Magna Graecia.

Among the assets protected by UNESCO, the Certosa di Padula deserves a mention. A fourteenth-century site, it was affected by extensions and renovations until the nineteenth century. Today, it is one of the biggest cultural attractions of Campania.

adminDiscovering the treasures of the Cilento National Park